Completion at heart

I could spend entire days thinking about the ways I could reach completion at heart.
I could make a new list everyday about all the things that can and would make me feel alive.
I discover thoughts buried in the depths of my intuition and impulses; thoughts that grant a new light upon my peace and joy.
I meet and greet new roads in the eyes of friendly strangers, hearing about their life paths, knowing about their worlds.
I’ve felt the love of others holding me high above the dangers, supporting me, preventing me from getting lost.

I’ve been across the world and back, planning carefully for an uncertain success. And I wonder around the peak of my young days,
what has made me feel the fullest?
The sanest in times of foolery?
What has made me feel careless in times of urgency?
It has been you. You. A graceful accident ripping twice through my life.
An accident that connected the dots between need and want.
I am not one to let go and let die; see you drift apart and disappear.
I am one to give it all and bet my heart on the chances of crossing paths and never minding the fear.

I will step back and turn around, maybe walk away and wait for the time. Because nothing spells ‘I love you’ like giving you what you need. And you need to be alone and know yourself.
Then perhaps you’ll see the amazing man I saw in you, who doesn’t need the fear or multiple guessing.
You’ll see the strengths overpowering your darker angles, and it will be suddenly so clear that you have everything you need to rule your life.
So you too will reach completion at heart in the pursuit of new heights.

How I wish I have what it takes to make you happy.
How I wish you have what it takes to gain me back.
Because right now it all feels like we’re dented and troubled by the past.
But if you work your way out of heavy questions and I start working on the talents that I have,
then what’s to stop us, love, from becoming two spirits sharing one heart.
And if I don’t have what it takes to make you happy, and you don’t have what it takes to make me smile,
then there’s nothing else I want you to have but a feeling of completion at heart. Be happy alone, be happy with someone, lover, be happy all the time.




Una respuesta to “Completion at heart”

  1. Uf! Amé la entrada!
    Sobre todo: “Because nothing spells ‘I love you’ like giving you what you need.” y el último párrafo.
    Espero que él se dé cuenta de todo esto que planteas. Ánimo y muchos abrazos!


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