Divulge this

de lums dins la vila

Divulge this:
I have tried home remedies to cure this disease.
But as I saw nothing changed, I wondered, what is this?
It is some pain, it is some pleasure.
I’m in love with his ways and I don’t measure
the consequences of my infatuations.

And then I saw things clearly,
I observed wise and serenly,
That he is not a witless whim.
No, I couldn’t love a half-baked dream.
And if someone asked me what’s so great
about him and our fate, I’d say…

It’s the thunder in his eyes that drives me,
the electricity of his touch that makes me
move forward.
It’s the anticipation for the laughter,
the simplicity of being together that points to
being myself.

It’s a need to better my world so that I can
offer him a haven to live in, so that he can
install his dreams.
It’s wanting to be there when he rises above,
when he conquers the world like he did my love,
and feel it was a great idea to share this life.
I’m certain it is a great notion to wait for such time.

So, wind, divulge this:
It’s not bad being this sick.



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