What are you doing here?

(Det blir idiotiskt)

Why are you here, former lover?
Accounting for the age that is well over?
Memories flash across your eyes,
but what is there to enjoy if they just died?
It is all so peevish and obscure
to think of bad times we endured.
And therefore I must declare
with sincere and heartfelt air,

fuck it, just go away?

Although this space is free and public and I don’t condemn it to a privacy of heightened importance,
my words are not for you to read and my feelings are not for you to know about. Yes, what do you get from this?
The echoes of stale remains?
Know this, kid: I am just fine. My life has been a wonderful ride for the past couple of years, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
And to be grotesque in my sincerity department… I don’t care about you. Not a bit. Nor do I care about seeing or talking to you again in my life. This is the one shot at life I have, and it’s not your place to snoop on. Be gone, former lover. These games are long, long over.

However, if by assuming stuff I have made a mistake and you’re just a random Swede and not a dreadful ghost from my past, then by all means tag along.

They see me bloggin’, they snoopin’.



Una respuesta to “What are you doing here?”

  1. they see you rawkin, they hatin…and so on.


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