Stop caring

Start off by caring a lot. Second guess every statement you make and take back an opinion if someone disagrees with it. Put all of your self-worth into others. See everything as an opportunity for being disappointed or rejected. Spend most of your time thinking about how others will perceive your actions. Aren’t you exhausted? The war you’re in to love yourself is a war you cannot win.

Then one day, as if by magic, just stop. Stop caring. Something inside of you has snapped. Caring that much about everything sucked you dry and left you for dead. You’re ready to feel alive again. Don’t tell anyone that you love them if it’s not true, if they don’t deserve it. It’s a privilege to be loved by you. Your emotional slutty days are effectively over. No one’s getting away with anything anymore. You’ll see to that. Caring about things that ultimately don’t matter feels like eating ten servings of pasta at a buffet. It weighs you down. Eventually your body will start to reject it and you’ll vomit it back up, feeling so free and relieved afterwards. – Ryan O’Connell

Y entonces dejé de preocuparme. 


Por eso estoy bien. Por eso no lloro mucho, ni me cuestiono, ni escucho a otros. A veces, ni escucho al lado izquierdo de mi propio cerebro. Me ha funcionado. Si te quiero te lo voy a decir, si no te quiero dejaré de hacerlo. Si  no me interesa lo que digas, ni siquiera estaré ahí para escuchar. No voy a contenerme, ni limitarme, ni preguntarme si voy a terminar mal. Al final, hice lo que quise cuando quise y como quise, por eso habrá valido la pena, simplemente por haber vivido habrá valido la pena. Si nos lastiman, habremos dado buena razón. Y después… seguiremos sin preocuparnos demasiado. No me importa. No me importa mil y un veces. Y después de que no me importó… haré lo que quiero.

Buenos días, bonito fin de semana 🙂



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