Long hard road

The lynx raises the tip of her nose to the sky, “It’s a pain being wise. That’s all I will say” she says.

The crow turns around to the rest of them and says “Now, I rather wait for you at the end of this road. I’m not used to flying or walking at your pace. It’s up to you to figure out the way out of here. Besides, you’ll get to know yourself in dangers like these. When you get there, you’ll see me standing there, I can assure you that much. I will be there, waiting for you wings wide open, welcoming you to the next step with a huge smile. If you so much as give up halfway there, I won’t go back and rescue you. I would do that if I found you were retarded or physically impared, but I don’t see how any of you needs to be treated like a cripple. You’re strong, smart, and this is the road of your life. It doesn’t matter if you get there long after someone else does. Everyone should get there at some point. You will absolutely feel discouraged whenever you hear that someone has gotten there before you did. You may even think you’re not good enough to survive the next stages. I have news for you: Getting to the other end of this road  easily doesn’t mean you’re successful. It means you’ve skipped rocks, bumps and traps, and it means you didn’t learn enough lessons. If you get to the other side and I see you baring bruises, tears, blood and sweat, I can guarantee you, that no road will be long or hard enough for you. Therefore, I expect you to bleed a little before you meet me there and when we do meet, I’ll take you places you won’t believe! Not only that, you will be able to swim, run or fly at my pace and nothing -and I say-, nothing will be unattainable”

The hardest roads



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