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Welcome sunshine

Posted in Uncategorized on octubre 18, 2012 by ionecontramundum

You know I like playing with the shades and shadows.
The feathers of darkness caress the sky as I go hunting stars.
You know drowning in the sea of these feelings does kill me some times.

So you see, I’ve admitted to being unhappy with what scarce light I had.
While the moon seemed rather entertained by my despair, she was a reliable source of calming sentiments.

So I sat down there on the sand, there on obscure lands of confusion and bottled-up frustration and waited for a revelation.

Welcome sunshine, where have you been? I missed you deeply, come be with me. Blind me and shock me, take me by the waist and hug me. Numb me sweetly and quietly from lashes to toes. Take away the scraps of vintage ghosts.

Oh my sunshine, the lovely tingling feeling at the end of the night. If the past dares casting its shadows on my shore I’ll put up a fight.

Come live with me sunshine, fill the corners of what may become sublime.



Dark horizons

Posted in Uncategorized on octubre 12, 2012 by ionecontramundum

Last night, quiet and spiritless shadows wrapped around me.

They stopped me for a moment and asked me, Are you happy, child?

A tristful sough slid into the air, slow and truthful. A confession I didn’t mean, an answer I didn’t expect.

I’m not happy. The answer was known. The shadows hugged me among murmurations of reassurance. A higher easement unfolded as I understood that this was not a bad answer. Why, having all that I need, why, enjoying all that I have, don’t I feel happy? Misery lies at bay and I see no proximate decay or death in nearby shores. Why, then, can’t I feel happy?

It’s all those spikes at the end of the petals, those muddy tears that spray fresh pink roses with tainted refreshment. It’s the fact that I can’t light up other skies with the same voltage as before. My arms have grown shorter, my heart smaller and my core rougher. And a liquid sensation of relief bathed me, because just realizing I’m not happy means that I aspire to more. I crave so much more. The ground I’m standing on won’t turn to quicksands because I choose to. Let there me enlightenment.

But first, let there be darkness, let there be shadows and let them tease me. I will walk to that lonely beach of eternal night. I will sit on the cool sand and close my eyes, spread my arms and I will make dimness mine. I will own the dark, I will inhale the deeper shades around me. And there will be the moon, bright dot at the end of nightfall. I want to be blinded when sunshine comes.

Sunshine will come to me.